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Shirl & Family  / Arlene Miller (Friend)
We are so very sorry for the loss of Craig.  Sometimes it is hard to understand why God chose to take Craig at this time in his young life.  Underneath the suurface is a purpose we don't know, but trust in God's promises.  We thought the world of him.  Just hang in there with patience and prayer and it will help you through the rough times. Craig had a sense of humor and he served his country and we are very proud of him.  We love you, Jake and the boys.
I wish.......  / Jamie Deaton (Brother)
You know as kids Craig and I never really got along but I really am going to miss him! I talked to him before he left for this time out and I told him I am sorry for everything in the past, He told me it was Ok and then told me he loved me after I told him I loved him. I told him to come home safe, He just told me one thing "Jamie, If it is my time to go, I would rather die for my country than die an old man" and for that I am SO proud of my brother! He will ALWAYS be my hero!!! I love you and will always miss you Craig!!
A hero among us  / Bobbi Elliott (Friend of mother )  Read >>
A hero among us  / Bobbi Elliott (Friend of mother )
There are truly Angels among us. The sacarfice that Craig has made makes me believe this more and more.  I did not know Craig but I do
know his mother.  Craig if you were anything like her you were hard working and hard playing .You enjoyed your friends to whom you were also loyal.  You fought for what you believed in and you never gave up or gave in no matter the cost.  Your mother was proud of you your family is proud of you and a nation will mourn your loss along with your family.Your memory will live on in the hearts of all that love you. I wish we could have met I would have been honored.  God Bless ! Shirley I wish I could be there for you if not for any reason but be by your side. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I love you ........Bobbi Close
With Heartfelt Sympathies and a Grateful Heart  / Barb Tharp (Went to church with Craig )  Read >>
With Heartfelt Sympathies and a Grateful Heart  / Barb Tharp (Went to church with Craig )

Craig, although I met you for the first time just a few years ago, you have left an imprint on my life and I will always remember you!  You are my hero!  You are a brave Marine who never forgot where he was from.  You grew up a lot in the service. The last time you were home - you seemed to know what was important in life. You valued your time, your family, your friends, your church, and your God.  You knew that Life is precious!   You believed in freedom and was living to pay the ultimate sacrifice.  Craig, you are Saluted for your bravery and for your courage.  Peace be with you. Forever grateful!  Barb Tharp

To Craig's family and friends:  During this time of remembrance, may your hearts be comforted by all the wonderful memories of Craig.   His smile, kind eyes, and he's joyful laughter will be remembered because Craig left an imprint on all of us!   I know Craig is serving in the Lord's army now... as a Marine of course.  He's in good hands!  Blessings to you.  Bt 

Who was the bigger kid  / Lisa Goddard (cousin-inlaw)  Read >>
Who was the bigger kid  / Lisa Goddard (cousin-inlaw)
I will always remember the day we picked you up and drove home. I remember you playing slug bug with Sarah. Loved to play slug bug and insisted on winning Mike and I wondered who was the bigger kid. Close
A wonderful man  / Maggie Goddard (Aunt)  Read >>
A wonderful man  / Maggie Goddard (Aunt)
Craig... over the last few years you grew in my heart..  when you brought your friends with you on yours visits I felt blessed that you cared about them so much that you didn't want them left alone..  I was so proud that you chose my home to come to as a substitute for your home in Michigan.   I love you dearly and rest in peace   Aunt Maggie Close
My Hero and Friend  / Kylie Schley (Friend)  Read >>
My Hero and Friend  / Kylie Schley (Friend)

Craig was such an amazing person! He made a difference in this world and put his heart into everything that he did. I remember the first time that he came over to my house, he was getting ready to leave and he ended up hitting my fence. He felt so bad, he apologized to my mom and I over and over and every time he came over after that. I will always remember his goofy sense of humor and his wonderful personality! I will never forget him! God Bless! And prayers go out to his family!

Craig's thoughtfulness  / Trish Peterson (Aunt)  Read >>
Craig's thoughtfulness  / Trish Peterson (Aunt)
Craig's mother requested that Craig collect dirt from the countries that he visited during his travels in the Marines.  When he had a layover in Ireland, he wasn't able to get dirt but managed to keep his promise to his mother by finding a weed growing in a crack of a sidewalk and mailed it to her.  He was in a different country, pouring rain, and still manages to remember his promise to his mother!  What a great kid! Close
My hero  / Salena Smith ((friend of brad's girlfriend) )  Read >>
My hero  / Salena Smith ((friend of brad's girlfriend) )
I only got to meet Craig once but he was a really great guy. He did a great thing for our Nation and I'm really proud of him and i know his family is too. My deepest sympathy's go out to his family. I'm so sorry you lost him so young, just remember he gave his life for his county and that's the bravest and most honorable thing he could do in his lifetime. Craig, your my hero and i will never forget you, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers...Love You Buddy!! Close
A Brave Soul  / Morgan AcMoody (friend)  Read >>
A Brave Soul  / Morgan AcMoody (friend)
Craig and I did not always get along the best. I was mad at him at first because I blamed him for my boyfriend going in to the service. I got over that and learned that Craig was a wonderful person. He is in a peaceful place now he will always be remembered. Close
My condolences  / Donna Oldright (online friend to his cousin, Stephanie. )  Read >>
My condolences  / Donna Oldright (online friend to his cousin, Stephanie. )
Please accept my condolences.  I'm genuinly heartsick about the loss of this noble and brave young man.  I didn't know Craig personally but as the proud mother of a Navy son who is currently serving in Iraq, I feel a connection to Craig and his family.  Craig is a hero in my book.  One of the very best kinds of heroes.  My thoughts and prayers are with Craig's family and friends.  May God keep you and bless you all. Close
Bye, Kid.  / Sarah Peterson (cousin)  Read >>
Bye, Kid.  / Sarah Peterson (cousin)
He was a good kid.  He and I had our infamous "fight", but I remember jumping on the bed when we were little, and learning to play checkers and chess in Chicago, and "Two to three hundred pushups in 30 seconds" at his graduation, and making plans to go clubbing in LA when he got back.  I'm sorry I don't have more memories, but I'm glad to have those.

And I share blood with a hero.

See you later, Craig.
a ture hero  / Michael Goddard (cousin)  Read >>
a ture hero  / Michael Goddard (cousin)

What to say Craig is a true hero especially for his family. He will be truely missed by all but especially by his family i have to admit i have grown apart from most of the family because i lost touch with everyone after i joined the navy  11 years ago but then i got the phone call about how craig was in the marines and he was out here in california so i had to look him up and i am glad that i did  i remember when craig first went to iraq i didnt think it was cool that he got to fly over there when i had left a month before him and i had to go by ship and we got there at the same time. i have had craig over for the holidays  which was always a good thing  because it is good to have family around craig will be truely missed by me and my family.  Craig you are my hero  god bless fair wind and safe seas

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