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THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH  / An Army MOM (Proud American )

    I wish that a simple, I am sorry for your loss could ease all the pain.  I wish to say, thank you for giving us such great hero, would make things all better for your family.  I know none of that really works right now.  But from the bottom of my heart, my sons heart, and my family we do thank you for the freedoms that you have allowed us to have.  May you soar high.  Continue to walk closely with your family, untill you meet again.

                                                                A VERY GRATEFUL,
                                                                       Army MOM

Your children are not your children -        Kahil Gibran

"Your children are not your children...
They come through you but not from you
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts
For they have their own thoughts
You may house their bodies but not their souls
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow

You may strive to be like them but strive not to make them like you.
You are the bows from which you children as living arrows are sent forth."

Craig, again I say "Thank You" for being you!  You have allowed me to be a free American, and I am forever grateful.

An American Hero  / Devin (Respect for soldiers )
Like my own father, Donald White, and several of my friends, Craig had become a true American Hero the day he decided to serve and protect our country, Craig.  May God be with all of Craig's loved ones through these hard times, as I know God is for me during these hard times without my father.  With the song of "GOD Bless the USA", I dedicate in your honorable memory Craig.  May you forever rest in peace, American Hero.
Forever Changed*

Can you see the change in me?
It may not be so obvious to you
I participate in family activities.
I attend family reunions..
I help plan holiday meals.
You tell me you're glad to see
that I don't cry anymore.
But I do cry!
When everyone has gone
- when it is safe-
the tears fall.
I cry in privacy so my family won't worry.
I cry until I am exhausted
and can finally sleep.
You tell me you admire my strength
and my positive attitude.
But I am not strong,
I feel that I have lost control;
and I panic
when I think about tomorrow....
next week....
next year.
I go about the routine of my job.
I complete my assigned tasks.
I drink coffee and smile.
You tell me you are glad to see I'm "over"
the death of my loved one.
But I'm not "over" it.
If I get overit,
I will be the same as
before my loved one died.
I will never be the same.

At times I think
I am beginning to heal
, but the pain of losing someone
I loved so much
has left a permanent scar on my heart.
I visit my neighbors.
You tell me that you're glad
to see I'm holding up so well.
But I'm not holding up well.
Sometimes I want to lock the
door and hide from the world.
I spend time with my friends,
I seem calm and collected.
I smile when appropriate.
You tell me
it's good to see me
back to my "old self"
But I will never be back to my "old self".
Death and grief, have touched my life....
and I am changed forever.

I will miss you  / Jessica Pierson (Friend in HS )  Read >>
I will miss you  / Jessica Pierson (Friend in HS )
I was just talking about you a few days before I heard about what had happened.  Although we haven't talked since you came home the first time, I was still thinking about you and praying for you to come home. I still had your dress uniform picture on my dash of my car with "Don't I look studly?" like always written on the back. Yeah you did too! You did so much for me in high school, it's hard to forget you.  I had barely met you when you took the fall for something that was all me, you didn't have to, but you did.  You never let me drive again, but we all knew why...  :)  Surprisingly, I know we could laugh about that now,  although we both cried at the time.  I remember right before you left when you, Sean and Boots blocked off the road so Meg and I couldn't drive by.  Then you came home and the first thing you said to me was about that (I won't say what!!)  :)  You were such a funny guy, even if you weren't trying to be, you always made me laugh. You never knew your own strength and whenever you hugged me, I thought you were going to break my back. I'm going to miss that. Lol. I know that I will never forget you. 
I'll see you in awhile,
Love always
Jess Close
To Craig And His Family  / Timary (A friend )  Read >>
To Craig And His Family  / Timary (A friend )
Craig, i wont ever find the right words to say. All i can say is how i remember you. Your smile, your face, your humor. You picked people up when they were down. You were a great person and a great friend thank you. I will miss you dearly. To his family, my deepest condolences. Craig was a great person. He defended me when i was getting bullied. He told me to never change. He is a great person. You guys were so lucky to have such a great person in your lives. He shall be missed..I wont ever forget him. Once agian. Im truly sorry. Close
Dont even know if you'd remember me...  / Nicole Hood (Old HS Friend )  Read >>
Dont even know if you'd remember me...  / Nicole Hood (Old HS Friend )
I know we didnt hang out much, but we did when it counted.  Jessica Pierson is about the only name I can remember right now, cos we've been talking about you for a while.  Actually it was just after my husband left, that we were talking about you and hoping you were ok.  Then we get the news, and both of us break down.  My grandmother from UC called me and asked if I'd known you, and I was like, the name sounds so familiar.. but I couldn't put a face to you.  So I got looked up my year book for my freshman year, and sure enough, there you were, signed and everything.  Boy, this breaks my heart writing this.  Crying my eyes out, but I just wanted to say that I'll miss you, and will always remember your smiles.  And our goofy times.  Keep watch over all them guys over there.  They need it.  You will forever be in my thoughts, and you are a Hero, that's for sure.  I am sorry I couldn't make it up there to the funeral.  I heard from Jess that it was beautiful.  We'll meet up again some day.  But right now, I need to get off here, before my computer shorts out from my tears.  Thank you for all you did, and you will not be forgotten!!
Much love, Nicole Hood, formally Augustine Close
To Craig  / Nick Pensari (close friend )  Read >>
To Craig  / Nick Pensari (close friend )
Craig, what can i say man, you gave the ultimate sacrifice to this country and nobody can ever forget that. I loved you like a bother just the way you loved all of us like brothers. My prayers go out to you and your family. I know how much doing the right thing meant you, even if it meant getting in trouble, and we got into a bit of that together in school. I don't know how i could ever thank you enough for what you did. I will never forget you and the great times we had together. I know one day that you and I will meet again in heaven and things will be the same. Until then Thank You and Goodbye. Close
turely sorry  / Brianna Briggs (friend (of a friend) )  Read >>
turely sorry  / Brianna Briggs (friend (of a friend) )

I am just so sorry for your loss Craig will be in my thoughts and in my heart for as long as i live. He was  TURE HERO to all of us in that small town of union city and other twns and cities around us and i thank him for being a HERO.

Fearless / Jody Carpenter (Cousin)  Read >>
Fearless / Jody Carpenter (Cousin)
My memories of Craig are as a very young boy.  I fist met him before he was 2.  My uncle had brought his family from Kansas to meet us.  Craig was a beautiful little boy with the biggest brown eyes that could make you melt.  Because he was so young he could not speak in complete sentences yet and he was into everything.  You know those "terrible two's".  My mom was getting after him all the time and everytime she did he would wave his fists and stomp and shout (god only knows what he was saying).  After a while we would just get after him for anything because it was funny to watch him act like he was a big man telling you off.  I remember thinking, look out world because this little guy is fearless. After I started my own family I drifted apart from my cousin and my aunt and uncle.  They were always good to me.   After seeing what they have been through in the last few weeks I see why they had such an awesome son.  They are strong, courageous people.  They just like their fearless son are hero's.  You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.  

Jody Carpenter     Close
To Craig's family  / Rachel McKinney (SISTER IN CHRIST(visitor) )  Read >>
To Craig's family  / Rachel McKinney (SISTER IN CHRIST(visitor) )
I am so sorry for your loss! I have uncles,cousins, and friends who are in the military and I just couldn't picture life without them! I am praying for Craigs family everyday because I would want someone to pray for me! So Sorry! Close
Peace to yours  / Donna/memory-of Christinaannvalle (passerby)  Read >>
Peace to yours  / Donna/memory-of Christinaannvalle (passerby)
Image hosted by I am sending you a prayer today,for peace,comfort, and strength, to the family of Craig's, during this holiday season without you hear on earth.May your beautiful memories of Craig comfort you,this season. Close
Thank you for all the you have done  / Jamie Wiggs (Brother went to boot camp with him and my husband and brother are in the 2/7 Golf )  Read >>
Thank you for all the you have done  / Jamie Wiggs (Brother went to boot camp with him and my husband and brother are in the 2/7 Golf )
I didn't know Craig but I want to thank him for what he did in his life for not only our counrty but for others who are not as lucky as we are. I also thank his friends and family that supported him and prayed for him and all the troops everyday.  My brother and my husband knew Craig pretty well they played football against eachother and then went to bootcamp together and then on to 29 Palms in the same unit different companies.  Know that Craig is not forgotten and he and his family will always be in my prayers. God Bless Craid and your family. Close
Thank you to Craig and Deepest Condolences to his family.  / Michael Kilpela (Appreciative Citizen )  Read >>
Thank you to Craig and Deepest Condolences to his family.  / Michael Kilpela (Appreciative Citizen )

There are no words that can take away the pain of loss of such a young life.  On behalf of my family, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Craig's family as they deal with all of the emotions that come at a time like this.  I know, we've been where you are.  I am also grateful to all of the young men that enlist in the military to serve our great country.  Marines are a special breed of individuals.  You will find none finer.  May God comfort you in your time of grief, and may His love surround you as you face all of the firsts that are before you.  Craig now guards the streets of heaven, along with all of the other brother Marines and other soldiers that have gone before.

Mike Kilpela, Father
of LCpl. Andrew J. Kilpela
KIA Iraq 10JUN2005

Thank You  / Amy Unknown (Old Friend )  Read >>
Thank You  / Amy Unknown (Old Friend )
We never really now what to say at a time like this. It aways helps to have a shoulder to lean on in your friends and family members at a time we have such sarrow in our hearts. I wish you my deepest sympothy to you,Jay,Kevin,Brad,& James.I remember the times we went out in the snow and had snow ball fights.He always got the best spots to through them the longest or the hardest.Or he would just sneek right up on you and hit you from behind. He would never give up on something he was doing he stuck to it till it was done he never quit. It was never in him to do so. We are all going to miss him dearly but we will always have him in our hearts. I would also like to say When I knew him all those years ago(10-11) I never underestimated him for wanting to do something for his counry and I would like to thank you for bring up such a wounderful gentalman like Graig. Also Thank you Craig for fighting for what you believed in. Thank you again from my hole heart. Close
Thank you to a Great guy!!  / Amy Fox (Freind from High School )  Read >>
Thank you to a Great guy!!  / Amy Fox (Freind from High School )
Craig was a great guy who will never be forgotten.  I was a friend of Craig's and also threw shot and disk with him during track seasons.  Both of my brothers (Tim and Austin) also played football with him.  He was a great guy and a TON of fun.  He was a brave guy and will be honored and missed greatly.  My prayers go out to the family and other friends who lives he touched.  Thank you Craig!!!  
                  ~Amy (daughter of Bill and Cindy Fox, UCHS 2001 Graduate) Close
You are in my Thoughts and PRAYERS  / Terri Edwards (Military Mom )  Read >>
You are in my Thoughts and PRAYERS  / Terri Edwards (Military Mom )

  I cannot express the pain I feel for the family of this young HERO. As the mother of a Soldier whom is also in Iraq right now my heart aches for Craig's loved ones. May our good Lord give you peace and comfort.
All my Blessings,

my condolences  / Bruce Jacobs   Read >>
my condolences  / Bruce Jacobs
May god bless a true american hero Craig Watson and offer some  relief to his family and friends Close
Jake and Family  / Jerry Rocheleau   Read >>
Jake and Family  / Jerry Rocheleau
My wife Cathy and I offer our condolences to you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers     Jerry and Cathy Rocheleau  Reese Mi. Close
Our Condolences  / Phil Zamora (Marine (retired) )  Read >>
Our Condolences  / Phil Zamora (Marine (retired) )
On behalf of the Capital Detachment of the Marine Corps League in Lansing, we would like to offer our condolence to a fellow fallen Marine, If the family ever needs anything we would like to offer our support to the family.

Phil Z.
Capital Detachment #148
Marine Corps League
Marine Mom  / Gloria Beary (My son Michael Shave was in 2/7 in Iraq )  Read >>
Marine Mom  / Gloria Beary (My son Michael Shave was in 2/7 in Iraq )
Heartfelt prayers for you and your family.  May God's peace settle your heart and mind, for truly Craig is in His arms. Close
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