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Thinking of you  / Julie Our Angel Brian

I am so sorry for the loss of Craig
you are in our thoughts
God Bless

we miss you craig  / Brian Gordon (Friend)
Craig, this is your old friend from colon, Brian, i just wanted to write and say that you are a hero for every thing that you have done, i was sitting around with chris willams that other day and we were just talking a looking at pitchers from all of the good days at colon, how we were in rocket football, and did all that fun stuff, and looking at pitchers and old yearbooks. craig you will always be my friend and i will never forget you , love Brian Gordon
Just stopping by...  / Sean Miller (Friend)  Read >>
Just stopping by...  / Sean Miller (Friend)
Whats up pimp. I just wanted to stop by and say hey. Sorry I havent been up to see you in a few weeks. I was in FL. Getting ready to move down there. I had to go scope it out. Just gotta find me an apartment now, I have jobs waiting for me. But you were with me, I took that lil Wild Flower thing from the memorial service with me. I take it everywhere when I travel. Thanks for looking out for me. I love you man. I will be up today to see you. Peace.Sean Close
Craig was a fine young man  / Janet Plato (friend of family )  Read >>
Craig was a fine young man  / Janet Plato (friend of family )
I knew him mostly because he played football with my
nephew.  He was a fine young man, and his sacrifice
is appreciated by more people than he ever knew. 
I think we rarely know the effect we have on other
people, and sometimes we don't tell people we appreciate
them often enough, or let them know how they have affected
us.  For me, Craig represents the best that we all aspire to.
Like the fireman who pulls someone from a building or
the police officer who stops a robbery, he's the soldier who
stood at his post, sweaty and thirsty, and did his job
attentively day after day, and even though it's so easy to
blink he didn't, because he's on watch, and nothing
passes on his watch.

The world is a little poorer with his passing.

Thanks Craig,

Janet Close
Missing you  / Shirley (Mom)  Read >>
Missing you  / Shirley (Mom)
Well, I've met you're friends and learned a lot about how you were loved by a whole lot of people and how much you are missed.  But with them all put together it's still not as much as I miss you.  I think of you every day and wish you were here every day.  I am still trying to be the person you knew I could be.
  I love you

Condolences / Tracy Lorondeau   Read >>
Condolences / Tracy Lorondeau

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Craig, however I did want to send my Condolences to the family. A wonderful Tribute in his memory. God Bless you all and all the Troops remaining.

May we all live in peace someday soon! 

Warm Hugs 

Tracy L

Memorial Tree  / Nick Pensari (Good Friend )  Read >>
Memorial Tree  / Nick Pensari (Good Friend )
hey craig, i planted my memorial tree for you in my backyard yesterday. It's a flowering rosebud or something like that. Jeremy and I went and talked to Corey's parents today, we talked about you and the memories all four of us had together back in the day. Well I miss you alot and your still like a brother to me and I want you to know that. 
Nick Close
hey / Brad Watson (Brother)  Read >>
hey / Brad Watson (Brother)

Hey Craig,
I miss you soo much. It's coming up to nine months now and I have thought about you every single day that you have been gone.  I think it's getting harder and harder because I think of what you would have been doing today and you can't.  It's been over a year since I've seen you and it's felt like only yesterday that i last spoke to you.  I know I don't come up and visit you as often as i would like but i just want you to know that you are in my thoughts, and you are in my heart forever. And one day meet up again and catch up on loss time that we didn't get to spend together.  I've always pictured you as a role model then and I picture you still as my role model now.  With love for you always. 


Missing you  / Sean Miller (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Sean Miller (Friend)
Well buddy, it seems like when summer came it also became harder to know that you arent physically here. I remember all the fun shit we would do in the summer, all the pranks we would play, just anything that we did. I havent been up to see you in about two weeks, I havent really been in town, been working alot. But I am home now so I will be there this weekend, I will bring a cold one for you. Love you man. Sean Close
Hey / Jessica (Friend)  Read >>
Hey / Jessica (Friend)

Hey buddy,
I was on MySpace today and saw that you were added to UC.  Made me cry a little more b/c I know you should have been there to begin with.  I miss you and think of you everyday.  ~Jess

Miss you  / Mom (mother)  Read >>
Miss you  / Mom (mother)
I had a party the other day to honor you.  Made me realize just how many people you have touched in your short life.  Peoplep still remember you and you will live on in peoples lives for eternity.
I love you and miss you,
Mom Close
A Poem  / James Deaton (Brother)  Read >>
A Poem  / James Deaton (Brother)

I was sent this poem and wanted to share it with you, I wish I knew who the author is but I do not... Jamie
  The combat boots are empty and finally they're still,
They're set carefully at attention, they've marched up their last hill.
The rifle, too, is silent now and unwaveringly erected,
Holding up the well-worn helmet, of the Marine it once protected.

One by one his comrades somberly draw near,
Each raising one last salute, unashamed to shed a tear.
A time-honored tribute, dating back to days of old,
As a reverent memorial, a stirring image to behold.
It bears witness to the bond of a brotherhood of men,
The kind who only come along, every now and then.
These men who pass will carry on, they've a mission to complete,
For our Country they will fiercely fight, our enemies they'll defeat.

But in his heart after this, no Marine will be the same,
A hero is now known to him, and bears his buddy's name.
Wherever duty takes him, whatever battles he may fight,
Never will he forget the friend, who gave his life for what is right.

Finally, the bugle sounds, Taps is softly played,
Time to say farewell, and say a prayer, for the sacrifices made.
This day the names of those who died will be added to the List,
They will forever be remembered and will undeniably be missed.

Next time you see a proud Marine, in that uniform he wears,
Know his heart is strong and true, please keep him in your prayers.
He lives by a vow to protect and defend, no matter what the cost,
But to every Marine, it carries a name…his buddy who was lost.

A poem to all that remember Craig.  / Sean Miller (Friend)  Read >>
A poem to all that remember Craig.  / Sean Miller (Friend)
I have written alot of poems and always wanted to write one for Craig. I tried many times just to sit down and write one. I could never get anything to come to me, cause I would just sit and remember all the fun we had, playing pranks or just cruising Union City. Then today I was sitting watching T.V. and my brain just started going nuts with ideas. I had 3/4 of this poem done before I ever even sat down to type it.

Craig I miss you buddy, and I think about you daily. I love you man...Sean

Have you ever felt the pain of losing your best friend.
Its a pain that will always be there, right to the end.
There's nothing that anyone can say or do to mend your heart.
All you can do now is remember the good part.
Remember that your friend stood tall and proud.
Died for his beliefs and to save us all

It sucks that grief is a part of death
He sat in that desert to keep us alive
Now its our turn to rescue our friend
Keep him in our hearts and hold him there to the end
Physically he lived a short life, he's gone to soon
Emotionally he's still here he lives inside of us
He gives us the strength to never give up

If ever we need him, just close your eyes
Because you know he's up there living in the sky's
Giving us direction and guiding us through
Craig will always be here, and that will remain true. Close
This is beautiful!!  / Jessica Pierson (Friend)  Read >>
This is beautiful!!  / Jessica Pierson (Friend)
My friend Nikki sent me this on myspace and I love it.  I really thought that Mrs. Watson would like to see it too, but this was the best way I knew how to get ahold of her.  Check this link out: Close
Mother's Day  / Shirl (Mom)  Read >>
Mother's Day  / Shirl (Mom)
Well this is the first Mother's Day without you.   This is going to be hard.  I am going to miss it when you call not realizing what day it is and then try to pretend you knew all a long.  Maybe you did know and wanted me to think that you didn't.  But I know I am, going to miss that call today.  

I am still trying to be strong for you
I still cry everyday for you.  I love and miss you. Close
Hey Buddy!  / Danielle Marten (Best Friend )  Read >>
Hey Buddy!  / Danielle Marten (Best Friend )
Sorry i haven't written in a while, school has been crazy. Im almost done with my first year of college, i remember when we used to talk about you coming to visit me up here and being at home again. Man i miss you. I will be there to visit soon, i promise. I can't believe it has been five months, it still isn't getting any easier. I think about you everday and i know you are watching over me. I love you buddy, and i always will. Close
Always thinking of you.  / Sean Miller (High School Friend. Ugly Twin #2 )  Read >>
Always thinking of you.  / Sean Miller (High School Friend. Ugly Twin #2 )
Craig my man. Hows it going buddy. I think about you all the time. Everytime I go by the Cemetary I raise a fist to you, and I know that you are on the other side or my hand returning the pounds. I love you man, I went to Colon the other day, it was hard not to tear up. But then we got to the Magi Cafe and all I could do was think about you sleeping on the job so, Curt Cheddar and I all busted out into laughter. I am gonna scan some pics of the guys and send them to get them put on here. I miss you and I will come see you this week. I love you buddy. Sean Close
In tribute of Your Memorial April 20  / Mystik (Brothers Friend )  Read >>
In tribute of Your Memorial April 20  / Mystik (Brothers Friend )
TO the Family of you Craig, on this the day of your memorial, know there are those of us out there in whose hearts your spirit lives, through your brothers love for you. In Joy you came into the world, in honour you departed, and in joy may you watch over your loved ones. Many stories I have heard of you, pictures seen, tears seen shed of those left behind....a candle has been lit at the chat site, and many more will join in honour and celebration of your life here..and your life on the other side. May you see thier lights, feel their warmth, and above all, may your soul are always loved.

Mystik Close
still thinking of you  / Danielle Banners   Read >>
still thinking of you  / Danielle Banners

Hey cookie-monster, just wanted to let ya know Im still missing you. I grow more proud of you everyday, and with everyday my love and respect for you grows deeper. I will never stop missing you, but I don't ever want to stop.
I will end this little reminder of how I feel with a simple...
talk to you latter craig, you still owe me a hug!

Butterflies / Holly Hughes (Brother Brads Fiancee )  Read >>
Butterflies / Holly Hughes (Brother Brads Fiancee )
Hey Craig, I miss you so much.. Your mom got the rests of your stuff back from california and she found this shirt that still smelt like you.. I was sitting on the couch and she handed me the shirt and and said smell it. So I smelt it and I instatly had butterflies and wanted to cry cause I miss you so much. Craig there isnt a day that goes by I dont wonder what your doing or how you are doing. I miss you so much and I will talk to you and see you soo. I LOVE YOU CRAIG!!! Close
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